From Fear to Hope: Shift Your Focus


Left: Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Right: Tarot of the New Vision

The mother and her injured child wander in the snowstorm, scared and alone. They’ve lost everything and do not know where to turn for help. They are so lost in their misery, they do not see the welcoming lights of the church before them.

Inside, the wounded and homeless veteran has found shelter for the night. He has nothing but this temporary resting place, but it is enough for the moment. He is at peace and soothes a lost child.

Recently, I was sitting with my coach, frustrated with the progress, or seeming lack thereof, of reaching my goals. Seeing what I didn’t have, not how far I’ve already come. Hearing, again: it’s not time yet, the work you’re doing now is important, you’re almost there.

When I pulled a tarot card to offer to you, my community, some insight, inspiration, a message to help you keeping going, I pulled the card most associated with poverty, illness, and lack – 5 of Pentacles. I sat with pen in hand and had nothing to offer. I put it aside for the night, then looked again at the two versions of the card. One side, lack and fear. The other side, hope, shelter from the storm.

A shift of focus. From fear to hope. The homeless man, warm and dry, comforts a lost child. I look at how far I’ve already come and what I have to offer now, and continue on my path. I look at the card on the right and talk of hope instead of lack.

Whether you are struggling just to make ends meet, looking for your dream job, trying to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, or working towards any goal, there is always an opportunity to shift your focus from “not there yet” to see the opportunity in front of you.

Law of attraction states that like attracts like, the energy you put out attracts the same to come to you. This is not to place blame for where you are – we all have our journeys and circumstances – but it is to give you the ability to direct where you are going. When you are focusing on where you are not and what you don’t have, more of the same seems to keep coming to you. But when you shift your focus, when you look up and see that there is always enough, you are always enough, miracles and magic aide your cause.

No matter where you are or what you want to bring into your life, I have found these three practices useful:

  1. Gratitude: No matter how bad things are, there is always something to be grateful. You can start with being alive. A regular gratitude practice, listing 5 or 10 things I’m grateful for in the morning or the evening or both, has proven effective at shifting life in a positive direction.
  2. Positive affirmation: This is a positive statement that you already have what you desire. For example, “I am able to pay my bills on time and have money left over,” “I am an award-winning author,” “I am so happy to be sitting by the water at a beautiful resort on a tropical island.” You might not believe it at first, but keep saying it anyway. You will eventually believe it is possible. Say it out loud and/or write it out 10 times. With emotion, positive emotion.
  3. Put it aside and get physical. Doing something physical – like taking a walk, dancing, doing yoga, whatever floats your boat – moves the energy and allows space for creative solutions. I often get my best ideas while I’m walking or when I come home from a dance class.

Wherever you are, you have the power to direct the path of your life. It’s as simple as a shift in focus.



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