Burn, Baby, Burn

Day 1: Write about anything, then burn it

She comes into the room, exhausted from a long day at the office, and sits down. Dishes are piled in the sink from a hastily prepared dinner – eggs and toast, again. Clean laundry is tossed in the basket next to the stairs, waiting to be folded and put away. The cat wants attention, alternately head-butting her leg and playing with her feet. Books are piled on the edge of the table to be finished or put away. The laptop sits open, waiting for a newsletter to be written, website to be updated. Files for the business and papers to be filed sit accusingly at the other end. She opens a notebook and grabs a pen. It’s already full dark, the days are getting shorter. She listens as cars drive by. A dog barks in the distance. Some days she can hear the marching band practice. She fidgets in the chair, a little too low for the table. Or maybe the table is too high for the chair. She notices her nail polish is chipping. It’s only been three days. Her foot cramps and she gets up to walk it out. The neighbor is talking on the phone in the parking lot. She sits back down, pen poised over the notebook, and waits.  

10 minutes a day, every day, for 10 days. I’ve signed up for a writing challenge, the intention to get me writing more and procrastinating less. To finally start that book. To spend less time with pen poised over notebook, waiting. I will not promise to share every day, but some days I will.

Burn, Baby, Burn



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