Archive | June 2016

Day 25: Dealing with Challenges

This video challenge was really challenging some days. I’d wake up too late to get it done in the morning and really just wanted to rest in the evening. This particular Friday night, I was tempted to take a 3-minute video of my cat and order pizza.

Day 24: Shine Your Light, Gorgeous

Come out from behind the sweatpants and shine your beautiful light! Nobody cares if you shop at the plus size store, we just want to see your smile! This is the only dating advice I have for you… have fun, shine your unique and beautiful light.

Day 22: Take the First Step in Faith

Sometimes your greatest adventures aren’t planned. When you give in to the magic, let the fairies and angels be your guide, walk in the mystical forest of life, you find your dreams. Synchronicity, inspiration, guided action. It’s a leap of faith, take the first step.

I confess that this video challenge was not planned at all, it has been a leap of faith every day. I had an idea that I needed to start doing videos for my business and upgraded my phone. I decided one day to do this 30 day challenge and started the next. The first few videos were planned out and scripted. The rest were inspired in the moment. Some days, I planned one thing and was inspired to talk about something else or I didn’t know what I would say until I pressed the button, and everything in between. It’s been a magical ride, as life always is.

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