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Day 7: Listen to Your Own Body

To breakfast or not to breakfast first thing in the morning? It’s all individual. Conventional wisdom is not always wise for all of us. It’s called bioindividuality. Not all diets work for everybody. It’s important to learn to listen to the needs of your own body.


Day 6: Self-Love is the Foundation for any Positive Change

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” ~Louise Hay

This video challenge has been a struggle for me, battling my perfectionism every day. The purpose is not to turn out an Oscar-worthy performance, a beautiful piece of videography. The purpose is to share my message authentically, to show up as myself every day. As the days go by, I’m winning the battle with my inner critics and the videos become easier.

If one person is helped in some way by what I have to say, I’ve done my job and I’m happy.

Day 5: Your Mindset Affects Your Weight

What you think and how you feel about what you eat actually has an effect on how your body metabolizes the food. If you’re beating yourself up about eating something delicious and calorie-laden, you are more likely to gain weight. If you’re going to eat the yummy food, just enjoy the heck out of it and move on. Your life and and your health will be better for it.

30- Day Video Challenge

Here I am, embarking on a 30-day video challenge – one video every day for 30 days! I’m several days in by now and delayed in posting.

I started this challenge by myself (but with support from my peeps) because I really feel passionate about getting this information out into the world. I see women who are trying to lose weight hiding out, staying home, waiting to do whatever it is they want to do until they lose weight. I get it, I used to do that, too. But life is so much richer on this size of your comfort zone, and weight loss so much easier when your life is full and you’re happy.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who helps women who struggle with emotional eating, I want to share my story and tell you what WORKS. I want to help you get, and stay, healthy and happy. So, I’m taking my own medicine, stepping out of my comfort zone, and sharing my message on video.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’ll post every day and let you know how it’s going.