Walk, Don’t Run

I had a dream that I was running in the pouring rain, trying to get somewhere, but getting nowhere. I was unsure of my destination, but I was anxious to get there. Just running, anxious to get there, in out of the rain. Sometimes, I couldn’t run, and made no progress at all, and I felt anxious. When I woke up, I realized I have recently been running headlong toward my goals, feeling anxious and getting nowhere.

Life is a journey to an unknown destination. We may know what stops we want to take along the way and we may be anxious to get there. But the path of life is meant to be enjoyed. There are flowers and trees and other beautiful things on the path. Birds sing in the trees. There is sun and a warm breeze, the smell of rain, and cool grass that are there to be enjoyed. There are hills to climb, and hills to roll down with childish abandon. There are tree stumps to trip over and other bumps in the path. There are animals and other travelers to keep us company. And we eventually get to our next goal and feel the satisfaction of accomplishment, remember the journey, and enjoy where we are.

Walk, don’t run, toward your goals. Enjoy the path. Find joy in the beauty, the animals, your fellow travelers. Look for opportunity in the tree stumps and other bumps. Climb the hill with anticipation and roll back down with childish abandon. Keep walking, briskly sometimes, other times slowly. Rest when you need to. Feel the warmth of the sun, stop and smell the flowers, walk barefoot in the cool grass. Listen to the music of the birds. There is as much joy in the path as there is in reaching our goals.

Walk, don’t run.


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