Blessings of 2015

I’ll be honest, 2015 didn’t live up to its promise. I had hopes, dreams, goals, and they didn’t all happen. I didn’t achieve all that I wanted to achieve. Still, it was a great year in so many ways and I know what I need to do to become the person who will achieve my goals. And today is another day to move forward and continue moving toward my dreams and goals. 2015 is ending, but 2016 is beginning.

2015 was full of amazing self-discovery and personal growth. I’m definitely not the same person I was this time last year. 2015 in numerology is an 8, infinite possibilities, but you have to wade through all your own shit to get get there. So I put on my boots and I started walking. The energy was often harsh and challenging this year. I’ve spent a lot of time deep in the darkness of my own shadow, the places inside myself I don’t like to look, parts of myself I don’t love, healing the wounds that need healing. Loving myself and others a bit more. I’ve felt shattered, surrendered, cried in the shower, laughed, loved, and found joy on the dance floor – sometimes all in the same day.

Through it all, I can honestly say that I am happier than I have ever been in my life. At 47 years old, there is no younger self that I wish to go back to. I have no regrets. I’ve done the work and learned the lessons, experienced life. I know that I’ve done the best I could with who I was at the time and in the circumstance. And I know, in some cases, I’ll do better or differently next time. Yes, I am happier in my life and with myself than I have been in this lifetime.

Today, this final day of 2015, I have my list of what I choose to leave in 2015. I have my list of what I’m bringing with me into 2016. I have my dreams and plans for 2016. I know what I need to do to become the person, the always improving version of me, who will manifest my dreams. I have a plan and I know who will be there to support me.

I leave 2015 grateful for the gifts is brought me. I welcome 2016 in the company of friends, feeling blessed and loved and excited for the adventures to come.


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