Musings on Grace

I’ve been thinking a lot about grace lately. Not really surprising, as I’m taking part in Oprah & Deepak’s 21-day meditation “Manifesting Grace through Gratitude.” Thinking about the various meanings and what it means in my life. I looked up some definitions, briefly wandered into Lutheran doctrine, and wandered right back out. I came back to the question: what does grace mean to me?

Grace (and I’m paraphrasing the dictionary here): The free and unmerited favor of God. Virtues coming from God. A special favor.

When I was in Sunday school, the way my child brain understood grace was God putting a tiny Jesus right into my heart.  As an adult, with my current understanding and spiritual beliefs, I’m pretty sure there’s not a tiny Jesus literally in my heart.

Grace is each perfect moment when life is flowing smoothly. It’s noticing the warmth of the summer sun, the beauty of the sky. It’s the bliss of a really good meditation or a walk in the woods. Standing on a mountain, in awe of the vastness around me. Laughing with friends. It’s the feeling that everything in this moment is absolutely perfect and I’m glad to be alive. It’s Heaven on Earth. It is faith and freedom from worry. It’s pure love. Grace is forgiveness and compassion.

Grace is not earned. The gift of grace is freely given to everybody, regardless of who you are, how you act, what you think. The choice to accept this gift is ours.

“Grace is only bringing you back to who you really are.” (Deepak Chopra, 21-Day Meditation Experience).

Grace is a reminder that we all come from Light, from God, from Love. We are all one, with God and with each other. We’re all connected, part of the Whole. We ARE Love, we ARE Light. But when we come into our human existence, we forget who we are. We come to experience the contrast of separateness. Our purpose is to experience the contrast, learn the lessons, and find our way home. Back into Light, back into Love. The gift of grace is remembering who we really are.

Grace is bringing you home. You can come home in your human lifetime or you can come home after the death of your human body. Every moment of grace brings you closer to home. As you pay more and more attention to the many experiences of grace in your life, you feel gratitude, and experience even more grace. You start to go with the flow of life, feeling good more often than not. You smile and laugh more and you start to notice that life seems to be getting better and better. You start to understand that you can be blissfully happy regardless of the circumstances of you life.

You are walking into the light. Grace is bringing you home.

And it just keeps getting better.


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